gt knots

I was messing aound with GTs and im wondering if anyone has ever tried doing anything involving popping out of them in the wrong direction. maybe something to undo the knot that looks smooth.

That’s a good question. I’ve thought about it, but haven’t perused it. But you could make the knot, then suicide it, and then unknot it.

I did that and flipped it horizontal, did a kohta grids and tossed it through the GT to un knot it ;D

Take a look at this video:
Although Andre doesn’t say it in the video, what he’s grinding through is actually a GT popped out the wrong side.

Was that the kind of thing you were looking for?


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you know iv seen this video befor too and it didnt even rgister lol. ya i was look for something like that. that and just popping through it instead of gring through it seem to be about the limit of actually untien gthe knot in 1a so im going to see if i can figure out something interesting with 5a