Knots knots, and more knots


Don’t you hate the days where you seem to tie a knot, untie a knot, throw, tie a knot and so on?

Any suggestions about the knots?

Any Questions about knots? Post them in this thread!


Practice, practice, practice, and the knots will slowly stop happening as often… That’s about all I can say! :wink:


Knots happen.

Learn WHY you’re getting the knots in the first place. If you know why, then you’re on your way to no longer getting that knot. Practice.


exactly what he said, it also inprovea your knowledge in yoyoing and what causes the knots


My motto for skating:

If you ain’t bleedin’, you ain’t skatin.

My motto for throwing is something similar, but with knots ;]


Yes, i have this everyday!


I have a not in my imperial and I can’t get it out cause the string won’t unwind at all. Any suggestions?


Cut it off and put on a new string.