Knots in the string

I don’t know whats been up lately but I have been getting knots in my string everytime I do a bind. The string tension is adaquete but I still get knots. Any hel[

this happens to me quite a lot too. Unfortunately i don’t know why. I would only advise binding carefully.

try to thread the yoyo string straighter into the gap

Much obliged, Sherlock. XP kidding kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too big of a loop while binding will snag the yoyo :wink:

Yeah, do you mean a knot in the string or the string gets caught in the yoyo but comes out when you throw?

If you mean that it just snags, then as Shisaki said, use a smaller loop for your bind.

yeah I mean a actual knot in the string not just a sloppy bind, this happens a lot when I do rolling binds but recently has started when I just do front binds as well.

try another yoyo

If you’re getting knots in the string, you’re messing around with GTs, which are knots. If it happens when you bind, your tension is horrible. If you’re sure that’s not it, you just don’t know how to bind and need to work on it.

Yup, I’ve sometimes had this happen. Its mainly due to your string tension i find, especially if its too tight. just make sure your always checking your tension and adjusting respectively and you should be fine. :smiley:

i have a new breed and i never got snags and i have a DM a great yoyo but 40% are snags

If you have a adjustable gap try to make the gap as big as possible

I think Brian (10 10010…) was most on-point with this one. What I’m not quite understanding is where the actual knot is. Is it trapped aroound the bearing or is it just somewhere midway on the string? In other words, can you throw it without it shooting right back up? If it’s a knot around the actual bearing, then yes, it is a problem with your binds. Like Brian said, try throwing a smaller loop into the gap on your binds. Either that, or use fake binds (pinch the string while pulling on your throwhand, feeding the loop into the gap). What’s frustrating that you really can’t see is that sometimes when you do a bind with a huge loop or bad string tension, the loop actually flares open really wide and one side wraps around the yo-yo, creating a knot equivalent to dropping a green triangle.

yeah sometimes this happens to me too.