Klr Vs. 5star

Ever since my friend let me try his 2nd run 5star a couple years back I’ve been in search for a 5star. and ever since I got my ministar I’ve been addicted to generalyo. In terms of play and feel I prefer a yoyo that moves extremely smooth rather than fast.

So my question: How does the Klr stack up with the 5star seeing as I’ve never tried a KLR?

KLR tops it IMO.

It’s super smooth like you want and it also sleeps as long as you need it if that’s your thing. The 5star is great, but it’s outdated compared to the KLR.


Yes, outdated.

The KLR’s design is more modern than the 5star’s, as the 5star was made around 2009 and the KLR is way more recent(2011).

The difference between the 5 Star and the KLR is that the KLR is a competition yoyo, whereas the 5 Star is not. A competition yoyo is pretty much a wider throw, with a low wall, and more angular than a organic (rounded) throw. Now, yoyo designs are geared more towards competition, making the KLR a top of the line performance yoyo and the 5 Star a more “fun” throw. Don’t get me wrong, the 5 star is super good, I love mine a bunch, but in terms of play the KLR is so much better.

In my opinion the KLR is worlds better than the 5 Star, it’s much more solid feeling and geared for competition and complex tricks. I love mine so much I got another one and I wouldn’t trade either them away for any other yoyo… (well… except a Peak haha)

I’m kinda sick of hearing stuff like “It plays great, but it’s not a competition throw…” Why can’t it be a competition throw? Is there some standard a yoyo needs to be considered a competition throw? I bet Jensen Kimmitt could easily win with a 5star.

I think he meant the design of the KLR was specifically geared for competition. And that when the 5star was made competition wasn’t in mind, just fun. Which would make sense since the KLR rocks the 5 star. You know what in sick of hearing? How many people always bring up Jensen K and how much they sweat him. Don’t get me wrong hes great but wouldn’t me bring sick of hearing that be the same as you being sick of people calling throws competition throws, kinda contradicted yourself

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Thank you Jcpdx503. yoyospirit, I never said that the 5 Star couldn’t be used for competition, any yoyo can be used for competition (take 2010 for example). I’m just quoting Ernie when I say that the KLR was made especially for competition… and there is such a thing that separates a regular throw from a competition throw. This doesn’t mean you can ONLY use a competition throw in a contest, I’m just saying that’s what it was made for. You shouldn’t take things out of context…

I could also say I’m sick of everyone freaking out whenever someone brings up Jensen Kimmitt’s name. I was using him as an example, if you couldn’t tell, I could have said someone else, like Hiroyuki Suzuki. Sure, when people think of a competition throw, they think of the Chief or Phenom, not a yoyo like the Canvas. But that doesn’t mean the yoyo is better.

“Better” is extremely subjective.

Now, if it was “more stable”, or “longer-spinning”, that wouldn’t be subjective. It’s true that some yoyos are geared towards competition and thus, have certain qualities about them that make them suited for such an application.

Dude, all we’re saying is that the KLR was made for competition and the 5 Star wasn’t. You don’t have to take things way out of context and down a different direction. To me, the KLR is better than the 5 Star. Some others may say that the 5 Star is better than the KLR, and I’m okay with that because it’s their opinion… since when did having your own opinion become obsolete?

A contrary opinion borders on the heretical.

Only borders? Heresy…

Before this goes any further I’d like to point out that there is alot of misunderstanding in here. SR is right in the point he makes that the KLR is geared more towards competition in the 5star and yoyospirit is also correct in the point he makes that any yoyo can be a “competition” yoyo.

Of course any yoyo can be used in competition… I don’t disagree with that. I’m just saying that there is a classification of yoyos that is known as competition yoyos that have features some that most modern models have and older models may or may not have.

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Exactly. The misunderstood part was that when yoyospirit read your post he thought that when you claimed the 5star wasnt made for competition that you meant that it couldn’t be used for competition.

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That the funny thing isn’t it? Here on these forums you have to state it’s your own personal opinion cause god forbid I say “the KLR is better then the 5star” cause people will freak out lol I have to say “in my own opinion” but see the difference is everythig coming from someone’s mouth is most likely always preference/opinion so why would I even need to state that its my opinion? It’s obvious. It’s all good tho stuff gets misunderstood but I feel like we shouldn’t have to be so clear and specific

Don’t buy a KLR just yet wait for the Model 10 to come out. I will be receiving mine shortly and making a review about it. God Bless - Moefv