klr,m10,or chief or maybe a proton

want something fast,great at grinds, and floaty just getting all my options in check before i buy

M10 for sure.

In the recent past I have had all of those four throws, although I traded the Proton. I’m not sure if you have a particular price you’re interested in, but I would say that all four fit some aspects of what you want. The Chief or maybe (in my opinion) the M10 are the floatiest, but all four of these can be played pretty fast. I also think that all four are exceptional yoyos for their respective prices. If you are really a grind fiend then I would suggest one of the General-yo’s based on their finish. I don’t find the Chief as easy to finger grind as the M10 or KLR. Having said all of that the Proton is a good, quick and pretty stable. The KLR you may have difficulty finding, the other 3 potentially not: the KLR is smaller than the other three, if that matters to you at more like 54 mm than 56 ish.

Summing all that up I would purchase either an M10 or a Chief. They’re a comparable size and both play superbly. I don’t think you’d go wrong with either of these. Both will also have good resale values if that matters to you. I suspect the Chief may be considered floatier (I’m not sure how I feel), but I think the M10 plays faster to me. Both can be found new, and probably on the BST too.