Klondike-posting Thread: Post/discuss your CLYW Klondikes!

Is it really your favorite yoyo if you don’t make a thread for it? :thinking:

Post/discuss CLYW’s greatest comp throw to date!

Here’s mine as of August 2023:

28s x2, Deep Blue, Proto clear/unengraved.


I seriously consider having either 2x28s or 28s and Deep Blue. Just waiting for MotMot to have them in stock. 1 is a must, but the word is I might need 2 :wink:


Love the Klondike so much. Was really surprised by the play when I first tossed one. Literally had zero intentions of buying it because I typically do not enjoy super heavy performance bimetals, but something about this just wins in every way.


I haven’t been able to throw much at work lately. We got a couple guys out so I’m being the Viking and Tearing stuff up in the body shop.

But I always bring a survival bag with me… Just in case… Just in case>

The only problem I really have with the Klondike is that I am not at the skill level to tell you everything that can be done with it… But I am at the skill level that I can clearly tell you without reservation. It is way more capable than anything that I’ve ever attempted. There’s something about amazingly good yo-yos at least to me that seems to happen when it happens… As soon as I throw the yo-yo down, I feel like I already know it I feel like I’ve already thrown it. I feel like it rolls the way the yo-yos role in my dreams.

So many yo-yos today are so good that even when you say you know what I don’t like that particular yo-yo as much as this particular yo-yo… That doesn’t mean the one you like less is not a good yo-yo. It seems like just about all the manufacturers are knocking the triples and home runs with every release. If you just pick the yo-yo based on your budget and ordered that one you probably will be fairly happy with it. I have so many yo-yos now and just about everyone that I throw makes me shake my head wonder how there can be so many good designs and they just keep coming?

The other yo-yos you see in my bag are pretty much the same way and that’s why they’re in my bag. The Still Rollin by one drop is a most excellent entry in the one drop line.
The bull’s-eye by YoYoFactory may just be their best pound for pound champ in yoyos today. It is just an amazingly good yo-yo and you could probably land fingerspins on the tip of your nose if it’s pointed enough.
I have a Sudo in there that you can see, that I like so much I put the heart side effects on it.
The speedaholic 2 is crazy in the best way. It is so much fun. That’s the only way I can explain it really. It’s just a kick. I look forward to flinging it around…
The plastic peak to me, is a must have. If you like classic yo-yos. If you look forward to getting a new classic yo-yo. If you’re disappointed when you get a plastic yo-yo and it doesn’t meet your expectations. Then you are in for luck, and a great surprise. Because the plastic peak defies its specifications… Some people will look at the specs and say oh kind of heavy for a plastic… or I don’t like yo-yos that wide…. Oh it’s kind of big in diameter so I probably won’t like it? Not many color choices and I’m not crazy about any of them.
…… Don’t let any of those thoughts get in the way. If you like plastic yo-yos or are you just like yo-yos that play really really well and are comfortable with that shape, forget everything else. The cost compared to the performance makes the peak real easy to justify buying.

The Klondike is beyond my capabilities. But that doesn’t bother me much. Even if I was afraid to drive fast, it wouldn’t bother me at all to roll down the street in a Ferrari. I might be rolling a little slower than other folks, but I bet I’ll outsmile most of them.


Let’s go babayy I’ve been waiting for a place to post about this more lmao. I agree with Doc although this yoyo kinda mocks my skill it’s so so so much fun/good. Whenever I’m getting a bimetal or at least looking at one I’m always nervous it’s going to be in some ways “boring” it’s so good, if that makes sense. This yoyo while being a straight up beast, also has a fun factor to it, it has that “soul” you guys always talk about, at least it does for me. Doesn’t matter what my pace is, what kinda style or tricks I wanna practice or anything this yoyo just does what you want it to. Easily becoming my favorite yoyo period. I just don’t wanna make that claim too premature hahaha.



I swapped the bearing out since I seem to have gotten unlucky with the stock one. It’s loud and a little vibey. It’s all bearing vibe though I put a known good bearing in and this thing is glass. Incredible.


That matching string is so satisfying lol. I’m gonna swap my bearing out and see too, every other throw is glass but some have a tiny bit of nail vibe, figured that’s just me and my problem but ya never know. I need an NSK for this thing though, never had a yo-yo that I thought needed that luxury but the Klondike deserves only the finer things :pinched_fingers:


I’ve had a DS bearing in my navy and I just put one in the proto as well and it’s such a :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: experience… highly recommend, it feels so buttery and glass smooth.


Wait maybe that’s the one I’m thinking of, are those the bearings you always swap in to most of your throws? I remember someone saying something like that


Yep it’s a DS. I need more of these! They’re sooo good.


One more photo of my Klondike. Just got done with a nice sesh too


I have mine in the box at home in London waiting for me to come back from the holidays.
I have the hype about this yoyo from 4 months now if not even more (from when i open the post about my first clyw)

This is literally me after all those Klondike posts



oops… darn… wrong room, excuse me. Can anyone point me to the DaVinci room? I know its around here somewhere.


That’s gorgeous :hugs:

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All kidding aside, I’ve got a 28 Stories on the way. My first CLYW! I can’t wait to compare the two.


Guys I seriously can’t put this yoyo down. Did CLYW put crack in these things?

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Forreal dude. That’s one of the reasons I have 4 of em lol. Don’t wanna waste time getting knots out or anything, wanna grab the next one and keep playing it without any interruption. Have seriously never had a yoyo in my hand this much.


You know how on iPhone it gives you your weekly screen time data and all that? If it could do that for yoyo sessions mine would probably be up like 60-70% lol. Other things I like to do in my free time have been put aside solely to throw the Klondike and learn more tricks these past couple weeks


It’s probably due to practice and gradual improvement but I finally landed my first snap-start all the way to my hand all wound up while grinding beefhook practice tonight. The thicc rims definitely helped.

I love the red splashes in my catch zone they line up in a pleasing way.


Klondike delivered on the hype. Such a good yoyo.