kk + legacy + 50/50 string green


is this a good comb


No it’s a horrible combo!

You need Purple string :stuck_out_tongue:

Then it is an awesome combo!

It will be very unresponsive though…


I’m going to tweak it just a little:

KK + Legacy + Flowable Silicone + 50/50 String = PWNAGE.


Real men aren’t afraid of pink!




actually funny you say pink I will send pics it is pink funny :smiley: :smiley:


what about kk and shims which shims are better ???


You already included the KK. You don’t need shims for the Legacy.

(Jerry) #9

Fixed (That’s also how Yoshi has his legacy).


He has like… 5 Legacys, when I was there he had a regular KonKave in his Legacy.

By the way, the Legacy and New Breed are Yosshi’s favorites!

(Jerry) #11

Actually he told me he didn’t like the New Breed… :wink:


Why did he use it in his DXL freestyle? ???
And he told me he loved it.


He lied :wink:

(Jerry) #14

Wait who Gm user or Yoshi btw Grant told me the same thing he said “It didn’t feel right” And I agree with him because its like something is missing…


Yoshi. I was just kidding though. It seemed like he really liked it, and he was playing with it a lot.

(Preston Huft) #16

I’m going to point something out: Legacies can’t use shims, because
the gap is as wide as it goes.