Shims cause vibe

I tried putting a 0.35mm shim on each side of my Legacy and it started vibing. Is this normal?

If they are not perfectly round, yes. I had homemade ones in my X-Con that were not round and it vibed like crazy. Also make sure you didn’t crush the shim because that will cause it to vibe too.

buy shims, like mike said, make them round

or, if you are like me, you may have been too afraid of overtightening, is it completely tight?

A legacy doesnt need any shims it already has a big gap.

I have checked. It is completely tight and the shims were store-bought, but the legacy still vibes.
I put shims as I still felt that the gap was not wide enough.

Try deshieding the bearing.

Deshielding the bearing will do NOTHING to the gap.

The shims aren’t supposed to touch the bearing shields if I remember correctly

Take out the shims. If it vibes, then it might be your yoyo. Taking off the shields may help…

and I don’t think the shims need to be circular… I made 2 out of credit cards.

What I meant is deshielding the bearing with the shims on the yoyo.

Ive never had vibe problems using shims, even ones ive made from gift cards, but if you really dont like the yyj shims dif-e-yo makes metal shims that are more precise than the yyj ones, im not sure if yye carries them though

best shims are merk shims

Make your own??? Credit Cards+Hole Puncher+Scissors