What exactly to shims do?

Im looking to buy some for my X-con. So just like the title, what exactly do they do?

They go in the bearing seat. Basically, they make the gap of the yoyo a little bit larger, and make it a tad more unresponsive.

I don’t find them necessary.

it depends on the yoyo if they are necessary or not
t also depends on how you like to play.
i havent gotten them but i intend to

Well I am actually looking to buy them for my X-Con because as many of you might know, the X-con does not have a wide gap. I am actually forced to only use one O-ring and it’s still a bit responsive. Which I don’t want. If any of you have an X-con or an X-conVict that use shims can you tell me if they help? It would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

The gap is Mega-Adjustable, A stock one can be unresponsive.

They do help. I had an x-con and put shims in it and it made it more unresponsive. But they do tend to make the yo-yo vibrate more. Just a warning.

Yeah, it helps the bearing NOT be so attached to the bearing seat.