Shims? What are errrr… shims ??? They can be added to a Speed maker right?

They are small rings placed between the bearing and the yoyo to widen the gap when the yoyo is screwed together.
Yes, they can be added to a speedmaker.

Huh? I still dun get it. How can it widen the gap. And what are the effects?

For adjustable gap yoyos, when the shim is put underneath the bearing, the bearing would “pop” out more, so when you screw the yoyo the amount of exposed area of the bearing would be more, so the yoyo does not have to be screwed in that much, making the gap wider. FOr fixed gap yoyos, the gap would be wider as you cannot screw the yoyo all the way inside.

Than what are pads?

pads are used for response. i tried replying about the shims but the comp bugged out.

Alcohol is BAD don’t use it. If you ever forget your bearing overnight it will be more rusted than if you left it in the rain all day. Use mineral spirits or lighter fluid. They are the easiest to come by. Take it from YEARS of experience.

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lol I got confused, and I realized that you were referring to this post.,6305.0.html