Before I get to the point, it is crucial that you all know that i play with an open bearing. Now I bought the red shims from the YYJ site. When i put them on the inner race of the bearing seems to compress them a little. I believe that the outer diameter of the shims which does not get compressed, ends up rubbing against the inside of my bearing and limiting my spin times. I tested this by putting the shields back on my bearing. The Shims bent the shields in towards the insides of the bearing. I want to know if anyone can confirm whether this really does happen or not. I would like to be able to widen my gap but not at the expense of my spin times. Sorry for such a long topic, and thank you ahead of time! ;D

I think it would be possible, because the shims that you buy from the yyj site are most likely cardboard if im not mistaken.  I would suggest going to and get the metal merc shims! there metal, you get 3 sets and you dont have to worry about what happened here. for the record i use metal merc shims.

Thank you very much for the quick response, and for the heads up on those metal shims! ;D

Yes, shims can sometimes touch the shields of the bearing which will slow the bearing down. Removing the shields of the bearing will fix the problem.

Your Welcome!