better shims?


The other day me and my bud were feeling in a mod mood and i had been spending extra time in this section and had read the how to make shims post. We decided to shim his maverick and they made the yo yo horrible. It was dead quiet and on the first swing of skin the gerbil the yo yo flipped out and died. Is it my shims? Is it the card? Is it the Maverick?


Shims need to be sized so that they don’t interfere w/the bearing. Meaning the OD of the shim should be no larger than the OD of the inner bearing race. Otherwise they will impede the bearing from spinning.

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It should also be said that shims should not change the sound of your bearing. Its not changing the mechanics of the bearing at all just pushing it out from the bearing seat.


i don’t know why i just did


What he’s saying is that shims done right wont change the sound. Shims done badly - all bets are off.


I made a guide on how to make this a while back… search for shim making under my name. Condensed version:
Credit Card. Scissors. Hole Punch. Hole Punch Card, Cut to size. It should only be touching the smallest circle of metal, the innermost on the bearing, the one that goes around the axle. Touch anything else and it won’t work right.


And that would be the same as…


plastic shims tend to expand when in pressure try a metal sheet to make your shims… and make the shims as close as the dimension of the inner seat of the bearing…