Merc Shims and silicone O-rings


So, Im thinking about buying Dark Magic and I want some accessories for less response. Iwant some shims and I want to ask if Merc Shims are good. Also are Alchemy Silicone O-rings good and do they wear out quickly? ???
Thank you.

(JonasK) #2

I don’t know about the merc shims, but if you want a response that won’t wear out quickly, you should get AnY O-pads. They last for a very long time from what I have heard.


don’t get merc shims. Get the yyj shims instead, because you’re bound to get the shim stuck between the bearing and the seat, and you when it does, its really hard to remove the merc shims and get it unstuck, because they are made of metal. The yyj shims are easier to remove, because they are cardboard, so u can cut them.

I’m not sure about the o-rings though.


Actually, dont get YYJ shims. Merc shims are much better then YYJ shims. You have the same chance of getting is stuck; So dont listen to rsmod :wink: Also, why would you want to cut your shims? That would ruin them. Also from experience with metal shims (I havent had my own, but I’ve used them) they wont get stuck in the gap. They are also metal, so they wont get warped if you overtighten the yoyo like the YYJ shims do.

Think, you want the shims to last a long time, right? So what would be more durable - Metal, or cardboard? You make the choice :wink:


Thank you. I hope my parents let me buy new yoyo. :wink:


You’re right samad! btw, what i meant about cutting them, was when they get stuck, so u can remove them lol, I got my merc shim stuck between my bearing and dm seat, and now there is a huge chunk missing in the bearing seat because of the shim getting stuck there hahas


Haha, yep, I am right. Thanks for the support!


Also for the silicone,it does last a long time. The DM comes stock with a hibrid response so you can keep the starburst half and you will have to replace them two times so they will last longer. :wink: