KittyString Fat, Nylon Fat, or 1.5

All of them interest me, but which would you consider the “best”
A brief comparison would be great

I’ve mainly been throwing nylon 1.5 lately so I can try to give a little comparison.

Fat - A little too thick for my taste. It is relatively soft and moves nice but doesn’t last quite as long as I would like.

Nylon Fat - Lasts a long time but straight nylon is a little too coarse sometimes, still plays great though.

Nylon 1.5 - Slightly thinner than the Fat but still thicker than normal and not too coarse / not too soft. Moves nice and fast and lasts a long time. Just seems to work for me.

It’s all personal preference in the end, hard to say which you will like just from what other people like best. Pick up a pack of each and see what your favorite is!

Ok , sounds good; deciding between fat nylon and 1.5 :confused:

If you aren’t getting 100 or 50 packs just buy both. It’s not like they’re expensive or anything.