Kitty string first class

Hi. My name is lion and I want to get kitty first class but wich one ? I thought of getting xl but I also want to get the atlas Yo-Yo and in the review from yt they where saying that jake couldn’t use fat string because of the tiny gap width should I buy fat or even normal? I don’t want to buy 3 or more packages please help me

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You should be fine with Fat. It’s got a 4.4 mm gap, so not that small.

Jake couldnt use it on the prototype. Kitty xl should be fine on the production run

So xl is ok?

yeah! personally I haven’t tried xl with the atlas but I found binds to be a bit slippy with kitty fat so xl should be great!

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Thanks a lot… But are your response pads old or new?

Dude, it’ll be fine. The proto had a small gap, not the release model. If you like thicker string, the XL will be good.

Hell, I’ll buy the XL from you if it’s too thick :wink:


THX a lot😊

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