String thickness

Sorry I know I already asked that a few times but what string thickness do you use for kitty string first class and why. I am trining to decide between normal fat and xl. ( I want to pick 2 of the 3)

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It depends on the gap size of the yoyo.

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Go XL. Every time.

If your yo-yo gap is thin, modify your technique. Once I got good enough at binding, a small gap and thick string was never an issue for me. I always use XL.

I’ve found the thicker string to carry momentum better, and hold its shape in midair for complex slacks better.


Once the atlas wich is 4.4 mm and the shutter wide angle wich is 4.55mm

I doubt you’ll notice the 0.15mm difference…

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I agree that XL is better than fat for 1a, and that for a modern gap width yoyo XL would only be a problem due to poor technique. Look into Sochi over Kitty as well.

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Thanks I’m about to buy kitty should I buy the fat or normal as second choice?

I just can’t decide



Go with the fat and XL, this is valid for sochi too



I’m about too buy kitty

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So kitty xl & fat

get yysl its much better

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Nice thanks a lot for all :wink::blush:your answers

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