King Medicine- A Royal Tut

Here’s the tut for King Medicine. Enjoy!  :wink:

Thank you, your tuts are really good and they explain everything.

Great tutorial.  Well explained even on the hard parts.

Yes! Thanks so much! ;D

No prob, bob.

See what i did there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great trick Zach! By the way, I didn’t even REALIZE it was you in the Foxtail video! You were so serious and focused looking, nothing like your regular vids! How’s that yoyo play by the way?

Anyways! I had a question. Just for reference, at around 3:04 you do end up in a regular wrist mount, right? I’m assuming so, since I can do the last step from a regular wrist mount, but I just wanted to make sure I’ve got it down properly : D

I responded to your question on youtube, by the way. :slight_smile:

And it plays smooth and smarmy! I love that thing! I like the new one they have even better. We’re still testing it and the name it a closely guarded secret, but I will tell you this. It will be small, wide, floaty and very heavy, and the proto so far is my favorite yoyo, like ever. :o look out for this thing!

Cool ^^ I responded to your answer : D I’m not a huge fan of heavier throws, but if the prices are anything like the current ones, I’ll give it a try. Also, what the heck does smarmy mean O.O

I have no idea what smarmy means. XP and it should be pretty resonably priced. If they get anodized they might be a little more expensive, but the first run should be raw. but this is horribly off topic! XP

But it’s actually on topic. You see, King Medicine is and awesome trick, and we’re also talking about awesome things. They’re basically the same.

Indeed. XP