Transition Wrist Mount Tutorial


Hope you learnt it.
Ask if you have more questions.
I feel like these are the sort of tricks and things people wanna know. What do you think?


Thanks for the tutorial. Im working on it right now :slight_smile:


Nice Tutorial! It’s really easy to follow.

For those of you who like all of the wrist-mount stuff, check out Shawn Fumo’s Wristmount video:

It’s about half-an-hour, but it’s THE MOST informative and mind-blowing video about (almost) everything from the wrist mount.


Holy Jebus! I think i’ll watch it later…

Thanks for the comments!


Sweet dude!! Definately going to learn this!!!


Subscribe if you like! I have more of these little trick tutorial things coming.


Yeah I will definately sub you! I really like that! Im going to show the guys at my yoyo club tonight


Sweet thanks