An Excellent Wrist Mount Video

So as a new thrower I’ve been struggling to get the hang of the wrist mount, mainly the part where I do the classic dismount. The frustration only built up as I failed to quite understand the descriptions in the videos from some of my favorite tutorial channels, and even at 1/4 speed my slow brain couldn’t quite comprehend which string to flip the yo-yo on to.

Anyway, I happened across this on YouTube and it’s easily the most comprehensive video I’ve seen on the subject of wrist mounts! It seems to be in the YT backwater though, very few views. Thought I’d share it here in case anyone else has had particular difficulty with this mount or wants to learn impressive new ways to get into or out of it. May you find it as enlightening as I have!



Wow! At first i didn’t check out the tut cause your description made this seem like a beginners video. Then i didn’t watch it at first cause it’s a30 min video!
But everyone should check this out once at least. there are a variety of wrist mount Entrances explained here!
Wrist mount from DON, trapeze… etc direct Entrances not just the traditional entrance.
Dismounts a few a well.
Plus a bunch of wrist mount elements just 4 min into the tutorial al in one well thought out sequence.
Comprehensive wristmount tutorial is a pretty accurate description. I’ve never seen any tutorial like this yet.

Edit this this is extremely well thought out! Multiple sections divided into entrance elements and dismounts… beginner, intermediate and advanced. This is THE WRISTMOUNT TUTORIAL!

Thank you @craZivn for posting this.


This looks like a VHS from the late 90s. I really wish I had known about this sort of thing in the 90s when I had my first yoyos. Might not have stopped practicing.

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Definitely going to check out