kickside vs lyn fury vs speedmaker and magic n9 yoyo

Which is best for 1a intermediate? I mostly want long spin times because I have a short spin time yoyo, and I always try to do tricks and the yoyo dies, ITS SO ANNOYING!!! But ya, I like heavier yoyos so the magic wins in that, then kickside and the speedmaker is way back, but i love wider gap and the magic comes in first and i think the speed or lyn comes 2nd. I was just about to buy the magic or kickside, but thought why not post this. Thanks! really?do you guys think the classic is better?

Go with a classic. All of those designs are well over five years old and their age shows. A classic would be a much better option.

Also, sleep time is not something directly tied to a particular yoyo, but rather how good your throw is. Keep practicing, you’ll get better.

Magic yoyo n12 or t5. Like the guy above me said those other designs are years old which makes them ancient in the yoyo world. The yyj classic pwns anything in the $10-$15 range besides magic yoyo which is the same price but performs with yoyos of multiple times its price.

I’d say spend the extra couple dollars and get a myy n12.

All those yoyos are extremely outdated. I would consider getting a YYF Onestar or a YYF Protostar. Either or is amazing, the OneStar is just cheaper. You won’t be dissapointed but rather amazed at how great they are.

Out of what you mentioned, I would get the Lyn fury. It’s a truly great playing plastic, I use mine often. It isn’t the most stable, long spinning, and even when on its biggest setting, doesn’t have a huge gap. THIS IS OKAY. Not having an amazingly stable long spinning yoyo without a huge gap will teach you smoothness, and fluidity. It will help you to become a better player in the long run. Then, later on, when you’ve developed fundamental yoyo tricks well, should you get that yoyo.