which one of these yoyos is right fot me?

Im intermediate.(1a) I know about half of the intermediate tricks. I was thinking about a kickside, maybe velocity, speedmaker, or a yoyojam journey. I want the yoyo to spin for a long time, and to be at lest a little stable. Thanks!!! EDIT: also I heard the yomega dash is good, do you guys think it’s better than those?edit again… Ya I actually have also been looking at the magic yoyos and the free hand zero, and possibly the flipside, but I did not include them because I dont know know much about them, if one of these better,though, tell me!

Hmmmm. Have you considered magic YoYo?

Have you considered magic YoYo?

Google “magic yoyo t5”

Kickside is the best from what you listed

I’d get an alpha crash over it though

The yoyojam journey is a nice choice.

You have an insane number of options in that price range. Get the one that looks the best to you.

Alpha crash by C3. Very stable, long spinning v-shape.
Onestar by yoyofactory. Stable, pretty long spinning. I love it.
Classic by yoyojam (with SPEC bearing and new response pads) love. Its big, pretty stable, pretty long spinning. Good throw.

Or, you could go on the buy/sell/trade on here and find a cheap metal like a genesis, Di base,h

“good deals rest in a place with good people”- Me just then