Kevlar String

Any opinions on Kevlar string, especially as it compares to Toxic Base, which is my current go to?


Is it coated in Kevlar or is it Kevlar?

Different manufacturers have different-feeling Kevlar string.

Twisted Kevlar is more like Toxic Base except rougher (instead of plasticky) to the touch. Similar performance characteristics. A bit stiffer.

#82 is a whole other beast. It has an interesting texture to it… it’s soft to squeeze but still feels on the rough side when sliding through your fingers. It is possibly the best string around of having large open slack loops, and is dense enough to whip fast. But for the negative, it’s on the thick side and again it’s about that texture. If you enjoy that texture, you’re going to love it.

For me, I still prefer strings that are a bit stiff but yet have fairly “normal” texture to them… like Slacklines or Kitty 1.5.

But I bought some of the Twisted Kevlar and some of the #82 Kevlar, and I’m glad I did. You should give it a go to see if it’s a fit for you.

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#82 Kevlar String is actually made with Kevlar threads. 8 Poly threads and 2 Kevlar threads.

Thanks, Greg.

I prefer thicker than normal (Kitty XL, Toxic, etc.), so sounds like both #82 and the Twisted variety might be to my liking. Also don’t mind a rough string.

I’ll plan on adding some to my next order.

Do you hate soft string? Do you hate string that feels at all pleasant against your skin? Do you enjoy string burn and pain? Do you wish your string was heavy and awkward to play with and binded unexpectedly? If so then kevlar string is for you!

Based on my past experience. Your opinion may vary.