Kendama in a carry on

Anyone know if its safe to bring a kendama in your carry-on when flying? Thank you

yes you can bring it…

Yes, perfectly fine to bring in a carry on.

I want to further ask as I’m going to be flying to Disneyland next week, was planning on taking my custom painted Pinocchio Voodama doll along for the ride. Since it has multiple spikes, are the TSA more likely to classify this as a “weapon” rather than a wooden toy? Would hate to see them confiscate it.

For what it’s worth, I’m doing strictly carry-on luggage since I’ll be gone for the week, 1-hour flight from the Bay Area.

I can’t imagine it being a problem, I’ve taken kendamas on multiple flights and they don’t even look twice.

There’s a limit to what they will consider a weapon. They don’t confiscate all your pens and pencils just because you could stab someone in the eye with them. Or lock you into mittens so that you can’t scratch and gouge people with your fingers.