Airport security?


How does airport security go in terms of what I plan to pack?

Multi tool

I really don’t want any of my stuff getting confiscated at security.
Any input helps!


(Owen) #2

I’m pretty sure the only thing you could have trouble with is lube and perhaps the multi tool.


I’ve always kept strings and the multitool in a mesh see through pocket on my duffel bag/backpack. Kendamas haven’t ever been a problem. On our way to PNWR, my friend had his bag opened in front of us while they looked for his Kendama at the bottom of his bag. Once they saw what it was they just did a little chuckle, and put it back.

(Ian) #4

It probably wouldn’t help that my holder of my favorites is made out of a modified handgun case.


no that wouldn’t help


Yoyos: Well, how would people compete? Buy their competition throws every time they go to a competition? :stuck_out_tongue: So, yea yoyos are alright.

Multi-tool: I THINK it’s alright. I also think I brought mine a couple places >_>

Kendama: Wood. No sharp points. It’s alright.


Never had any problem with the TSA and my yoyos.
They’ve always been sent right through, no extra checking or anything.
They’ve probably seen enough of the stuff to know what it is.
My case isn’t a modified handgun case however…


Once someone checked all my throws.

I usually take my lube out, but I’ve never had any problems when I’ve left it in.


You think the TSA care about that? lol.

Generally, containers of fluid under 100 ml are fine. (Atleast here in Europe)

(LordCanti) #10

Never had any problems with yoyos or lube…charging cables and large quantities of CDs are another story.

I had a TSA guy take EVERYTHING out of my bag and set my BRAND NEW OD Rally on the edge of a slanted table. I think I may have upset the guy a little because I reached across in front of him to save it from hitting the ground, and asked him to not drop my stuff off the table.