Traveling with yoyo-related gear

Greetings, last minute question but one that might be worth checking. Has anyone had experience with bringing their YYF multi tool (bearing remover, hex key, and string cutter) in their carry on luggage? As cheap as these tools are, I’d hate to have mine confiscated by an overly paranoid TSA agent (yea, I know the blade is 99% covered up) and go through that embarrassment (and hassle) from them.

For what its worth, I have traveled with multiple yoyos and a Kendama before, no questions asked.

I guess I could pre-cut some string ahead of time before I take off tomorrow.

I haven’t flown with the multitool in carry on, only checked (I fly a lot for work, always have tools, so, I need to check my tool bag). In looking at my multitool, I don’t think it would be a problem, just due to the size of the tool, but, TSA may think differently.

To play it safe, I would probably pre-cut some string, but, a paranoid TSA agent may find concern with that as well.



If the TSA agent was paranoid, that agent could try to argue that the string could be used as a garrote (but so could shoe laces, the para cord bracelet I wear, belts…)

When I flew 2 weeks ago, I had 4 or 5 venom strings in the YYE velvet pouch with my Valor. No issues going through security.

However, paranoid is paranoid, and TSA has you over a barrel at the airport.

You will be fine with everything but the string cutter, and that may be ok too depending on the design. This question has been asked many, many times and answered by people who have actual experience travelling. It’s not an issue.

Never had a problem…


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