Emergancy!!! - Airline travel restrictions


So is a yoyofactory string cutter/ bearing remover/ axle remover/ multi tool. that thing. is it allowed because of the razor in the string cutter?


Is it allowed for what?


on the plain like in my backpack


Yes, it will be allowed on no problem. At least, when I did some international travel, it didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

The only thing that has something to worry about is a yoyo string.

If it does raise attention, explain what it is. It clearly says “YoYoFactory” on it. I had that, a Loop 900/1080 gap tool, a bearing puller and the Rhino tool(plus keys for both my cases) on a ring on a lanyard. Coming back from Vietnam, the guy there almost crapped himself seeing the Rhino tool until I showed him how it worked.


They may not even say anything about it because it’s not obvious. If they do, just explain what it is. It is basically a safety box cutter in the sense that you can’t cut yourself with it. Plus, I’ve gone through metal detectors with stuff like that before and they didn’t even detect it.

Either way, I think you’ll be fine.

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Take a deep breath.

  1. You could have told us this situation in the first post clearly.

  2. Show me how you can cut someone with a recessed blade.


1: It’s probably an emergency because he should have asked 2 months ago and he’s getting on the plane in 24 hours.

2: No way you can cut anyone with that blade. Now, the Kitty string cutter… that COULD cut someone, although it’s very unlikely.

In my case, I remembered what other people had said since for a while we were getting “yoyos on a plane” inquiries three times a week. I took lube, response pads, extra bearings and the tools I previously mentioned, plus various yoyos of various materials AND a spin top with really no issue.

The Vietnamese guy when leaving the country nearly crapped himself at the Rhino tool. The guy in Hong Kong was having a fit with the Sophia Spin top’s tip until I showed him what that was.


I can DEFINITELY imagine that reaction at the Rhino tool…but not a multi tool. That should be good. The Kitty string cutter is worse than the multi tool, but still not as bad as the Rhino.


There’s no possible way you could cut someone with that. Just put it in your bag and it probably won’t even show up on the metal detector. About a month ago at the airport, I saw them pull aside this girl because she had rhinestones on her jeans that somehow set off the metal detector. And to think that they used to not even have security!