Kendama 808


Has anyone had experience with the Kendama 808? I believe it is sold only in Hawaii.
I would appreciate any input, thanks.


Well as I live in Hawaii I do know its sold here and like many of the other Hawaiian kendama companies such as hi kendama or aloha kendama it’s quality isn’t as good as sweets kendamausa cendamaco Jka brands and other bigger companies. It’s not to bad as their only around $15 but not the best. The only Hawaii brand I’ve tried that I’ve really liked is sen but I guess I’m a sort of biased as I’m sponsored by sen


Thanks for your reply. I have noticed that the Kendama 808 web sight has been down for long time, wondering if it was out of business.
It’s a very heavy kendama, but seems to play well.



Yeah there not a bad Kendama a little on the heavy side but that’s more of a personel preference however for ten dollars more you could get a tribute/tk-16 or something along those lines which are a lot better at least in my opinion. This is all personal prefernce though you may prefer to some of true kendamas I mentioned but from a quality point the others are better