Karma System?

A forum I was at had a Karma system similar to the Thank You system we have except it not only gave props to but it also had a thumbs down option.

Some times I REALLY wish you could do something like that on this forum… ::slight_smile:

I really wish I could do that now :stuck_out_tongue:
but that would be a good idea i think

But people could go around and give thumbs down to who they dont like

It would be something like you could only do it to once every week to that user to prevent people from being really big jerks.

If you don’t like something, you can already make a reply post for your opinion. The “thank you” system exists to designate those who are knowledgeable, helpful, and insightful. I don’t think that giving anyone a once a week pass to anonymously call someone a jerk would be ideal for this type of forum.


thumbs down isn’t here because this is intended to be a fully encouraging group of people, Andre probably doesn’t want people putting others down, that’s all.

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But this would really stop people ripping on newer people who arent really sure of the rules
. I would really like to see this implemented. Good Idea Max

I have to disagree.
People who are jerks are going to be jerks no matter how many “Thumb Downs” are on their post.
The whole system of shunning and/or ignoring mean people on the forums (unless they change) works just fine in my opinion.

this will ruin the whole site thing because if someone would right a really good post and like 30 people thumb downed it it would make someone upset.

i dont really see how it would improve the site. as mentioned above, Andre doesnt want people putting others down. it really does work just to ignore it, or if they have bad facts, politely correct them.

Karma doesnt work because childish people will down-rate people just to be a troll. It isnt a judge on someones reflection on the community, its a judge on who has the most time to waste being a dick to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

It is a way to have people feel a lot worse than they should. If someone is a dick, real life Karma will kick them in the butt, or a moderator will do so. There is absolutely no logical reason why we have to have people anonymously down-rating people. There is also no reason why it has to be so blatantly displayed that a group of people with nothing better to do clearly hate this person when the rest of the forum just sees one person with a ton of negative karma and no way to know where it came from.

Karma is a -bad idea-. Haters will hate no matter what you do, no matter how you publicly mark them. There is never an excuse for publically humiliating anyone who does not deserve it, and this system enabled that such thing to be free game.

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Old post is old.
There is already another site that has been started to implement this feature and is no longer an issue.

If there was a karma system, i’d say just to let the mods deal with it. They’re the responsible ones. And if you set up a yearly contest or so for most good karma points, that’d make this site more user friendly for younger people who might have temper tantrums, mental break-downs… ect

Please stop bumping this thread. Karma is a bad idea and the forum does not have the manpower to deal with moderating every single individual’s Karma. Read my reasons above why Karma is a bad idea and let this topic die.

People are awarded with Forum Expert if they contribute enough to the community so I do not think that this kind of an achievement is necessary. Id say 40 dollars is a nice enough prize.