How about a button to give people reputation for posts they make. People can give good or bad reputation based on posts people make. The reputation bar will go directly under their name before their fav yoyo and fav trick.


make it a little lower

That’s not a feature of the software the forum uses.

I see where your going, but you can’t give negative thank you’s

haha yeah if you want to find out what someone’s reputation on the yoyoexpert forums is just be relatively active. it’s pretty easy to figure out what kind of a poster someone is based on their last few posts.

that being sad, please don’t judge me on my last few posts.

There goes your rep bar

double judged lol

I’ve been on other forums that had a ‘reputation’ feature, and all it ever did was cause problems and arguments. It always seemed to end up with a situation where everyone sucked up to the high-reppers and completely ignored lower-reppers’ opinions, with people getting angry and unpleasant over every negative rep given out. We’re better off without one.

As has been said, it’s fairly easy to notice the quality posters once you spend a bit of time on here. :slight_smile:

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I was worried about a problem like that. We have enough bickering on these forums as it is. Well it was just a thought, but it couldn’t even happen if we all liked it. Btw glad to see people reading the site improvement forum.

Agree totally with what Gambit says…