+1 Like / -1 Dislike

I wish for some of the showcases , Collections , Video’s and Others we could have a +1 Like - 1 Like kind of System.
Or just the +1 like At the very least.
I usually give Thank you’s if it’s helped me but most of the times I just comment with some feedback and end it with a +1 Like.

+1 like! lol This would be cool

I like the +1 like idea a lot, but I’m not so sure about the -1 like part. I feel like if a newbie came and posted a video and it got a -1 like, it might discourage them. And we always want more people joining the community! The forums are supposed to be a safe, encouraging environment, so while constructive criticism is always good and welcome, an unexplained -1 like could create problems.

the -1 is annoying wherever ive been where they have that system. MEANWHILE IN SKYPE LOLOLO LETS MASS DOWNVOTE ICTHUS. LOLOLO NOW HE ONLY HAS LIKE -500 KARMA!!! LOLOLO

Hm. I guess so.
I Guess the +1 like is more better I suppose.
I just wanted a system where instead of giving thank you’s you could give a +1 like for a Funny post or a very cool video.

this sounds a lot like the face book liking thing. It might be copy righted. Still, this would be a very nice addition.

Everyone wants to clog these forums and stores with too much unneeded junk. Let’s keep it clutter free.


yeah but I would only put the +1 on to make people feel better about themselves

Lucky for him we never instituted this!!! :wink:



1 Like

have you ever gone on youtube?

you can’t copy right something like that.

Don’t bet on it. Amazon was recently sued for the 1 click shopping feature someone claimed they had a patent on. Unisys threatened to sue the world because they owned a patent on the gif image format.