KAMIKAZE - Rejection?

I can never get the string rejection to go on the inner string the first time when doing Kamikaze. Any tips?

Move your NTH forward so that the rear string is inline with the yoyo. :wink: It doesn’t need to move very far just enough that it the rear string lines up with the trajectory of the yoyo.

What is NTH, again? I don’t know that term sorry :-\

Non throw hand. For most people it is the left hand. :slight_smile: no worries I only learned the term 2 months ago and I have been throwin for over a year.

I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

Hmm… I did it, but it seems to not get any easier. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks anyways for the tip

magic drop?

here is something you may find useful

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Wow, that was pretty good tutorial. I can get it a little more consistently now.