Magic drop string crossing on NTH pointer help?


I’m trying to learn Shockwave and after I do Magic drop, I notice the string on my NTH pointer is crossed.  Which means, that I have to remove my pointer and put it back in to get the string in the correct position like so:

Can you tell what I’m doing wrong?


It looked like you got your thumb into the string. Try to just do a “swinging” motion with the yoyo. Hope that helps👍


Are you landing on the inside segment? Make sure you’re landing on the inside string segment. I think there are tricks that utilize landing on the outside string, but you should learn to land on the inside first. Shockwave and Kamikaze both involve landing on the inside.


I figured out an easy way for me to hit the trick. With my NTH, I use my ring finger to bring the string close to me and I hold it. Then I continue with the trick. Once I land the magic drop, I release my ring finger.


Sorry if I’m being nit picky, but that takes some of the “Magic” out of it. Keep working on it without doing that with your NTH ring finger. The point is to get the string to reject or pseudo-reject; which may still be happening the way you’re doing it… Still, the way you’re describing it, doesn’t count as hitting the trick IMO. Keep going, though!


I notice that when I use my cheating method to land the yo-yo on the forward string, everything is tangled up. When I try to do the Magic drop the proper way, the two strings on my NTH (the one under my pointer and the one over my pointer) are on top of each other and I can’t land the yo-yo on the bottom string without landing the yo-yo on both strings and then the string doesn’t reject.


This is the tricky part of the trick! Unfortunately this one might have to be lumped in to the irritating, but true category of, “You just have to keep practicing.” I’m not 100% hitting it either, but one thing that seems to help me is to push slightly down and away with my TH index as the yoyo is swinging up around my TH. This separates the strings just a bit. Still have to be accurate, and time it just right, though.

Once you start to hit it, go right into practicing Shockwave as a repeater. That way you can rep it over and over in a short period of time. GL!


What direction is your NTH pointer?


Is this right?


Yep it looks good just make sure the string is rejecting


Any tips on how to get the rejection to happen before the yo-yo lands on the string?


It just sort of happens right as to yoyo is landing. There has been some discussion as to where or not it really is a true rejection. Really as long as end up on the one inside segment, you’re good!


Well… I have done Magic drop like 5 times. I find that it is easier to do when the rejection happens before the yo-yo lands on the string. What helps me get the rejection is forming a “7” with the “L”. I think what also helps the rejection happen is the way the string comes over my NTH (The distance, angle, or the height of the yo-yo before it drops).

Two other tricks that are giving me trouble are grinds (Throwhand grind) and whips (Iron whip)!


I started hitting it reliably when I focused on keeping my TH thumb parallel with the ground. Now I get a clean rejection every time.

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Any advice on how I can increase the chance of the yo-yo landing on the back string? Almost all of my Magic drops land on the front string.


Throw the yoyo at an angle towards the tip of your th index. Outside of that, tilting your throwhand like Mr.yoyothrower does in his video (down at an angle, I think) helps to spread the strings.


For me, pushing slightly out and down with your TH index, like I described earlier, also helps spread the strings, and positions the yoyo onto the back segment.


I find magic drop is more about your NTH because your throw hand shouldn’t really move. You kind of have to flick your NTH in an angle based on which string you want to hit.

That being said, I’m convinced the only thing that will make this trick work is repetition. I’ve been working on Magic Drop for over 2 weeks. Some nights I’ve spent 1-2 hours just doing that trick alone. I can get it just about every time now, but my advice is put on a movie and just keep doing it over and over. Brandon Vu probably has the best tutorial on it.


Wow, I couldn’t get anywhere close to hitting it with what Brandon said to do with your TH! Maybe it’s better in the long run? I may mess around with it some more, but I’ve gotten pretty consistent with the way I’ve been doing it.



How are you doing the trick of you don’t mind me asking? Are you doing thumb up and finger forward (i.e. the pistol position)?