Magic drop : landing on the right string ?

Hello ! I tried magic drop a few weeks ago and didn’t got it, i can do the reject but i can’t land on the right string so i just pop my yoyo on the right string and do shockwave but now i would realy like to get that trick

Try pointing your NTH index finger downward as you do the magic drop, this brings the correct string to the front which helps land it properly.


You can also try moving your NTH forward a little in combination with pointing the NTH index finder down has helped me.

I can agree with scott, for months ive been doing magic drop and it would always land on the wrong string. When doing superman, just learning it, i was having an easier time doing it, i Incorporated those slight hand movements in a magic drop and hit it with great ease now

Remember, a you can still land a magic drop on the front string, depending what you want to use it for though.

NTH index finger down and away. Helped me immensely. Tends to open the strings up a bit. Also keeping my TH thumb pointed straight up. Good luck man. I literally woke up one day and just immediately got it. It was weird.