just wondering

usually when you guys burn music to cds for freestyles do you guys burn them into audio files or mp3?

Audio files. MP3 works too, but if you’re using a blank disc to sync it, yes. Burn/rip it. Or just use the band’s CD and tell the guy what track you want.

Most competitions won’t let you do that because it says specifically in the rules that it has to only have one track on it. But yes some do let you do this.

Both should work equally well on anything, just make sure that you make it a music cd and not a data cd. By this I mean make sure it says a time on it and not a size of the files.

Actually, the rules say that when you give the CD, the name and track number has to be written on the cd.

When you burn something on an Audio CD, it automatically becomes and CD Audio file.