How to get good 2 min freestyle songs

I was just wondering how people go about finding good songs for 2 minute freestyles at state comps or just good yo-yo jams in general. Bc it’s slightly different when most songs are 3-5 minutes to get a good song with different stuff in it for a 2 min freestyle. I hope that question makes sense? Because I’ll find a good song that goes hard but then hits the 2 min mark right at the best part of the song which isn’t very good for competitions especially for ending it with a bang. Let us know how you pick a song for your routine. Thanks!


I struggle with this too at times. Really it just takes a while listening to a bunch of my favorites that would work

You could:
A) start the song at a different spot. You don’t have to start right at the beginning if you have a favorite part of the song.
B) edit together your own freestyle song using parts of songs you enjoy


Find what you like, edit it to 2 minutes. There are any number of programs that will do that.

Cool tip, don’t pick music with too fast of a pace onstage unless you can really handle it without getting too pumped