talent show

So I signed up for a talent show and auditioned. But they suggested to me to get a song while yoyoing. Are there any 2 minute songs out there that are good for yoyoing? I want a clean song that is ok for schools and is around 2 minutes. But please don’t suggest any songs that are too pop-ish.

You don’t need a 2 minute song anything longer than that will do b/c whoever is playing the music can stop it after 2 minutes.

It’s considered good form to provide a performance ready track when doing a performance. Something edited for time and/or content.

(sorry, 30 years of working production, and not happy with how music and production values are in the toilet these days)

Yeah. You need to provide a CD that has the song last for 2 minutes. You have to cut it yourself.

Burnout by green day is 2 minutes 4 seconds

I’d download Audacity. It’s free and you can cut a song in just a few seconds however you like by highlighting sections and right click/cut. You could even get a little tricky if you want and add some silent bits for effect and stuff like that. I love it for simple audio editing.

At CalStates, I was pretty much cutting off most folks at the proper time mark. There were a few guys who at least cut the song off at the 2 minute mark. It got to the point where I was just muting the playback VCA and unmuting the MC VCA. Unmute playback track channel, wait for announce, kill MC channel. I didn’t feel like using mute groups when VCA’s can be just as easy at times!

I prefer ProTools, but for quick and easy, Audiacity works fine. Whatever you do, make sure you’re OUT at the 2 minute mark, not FADING out, but OUT OUT as in “it better be dead quiet” out. You can do a lot of stuf with Audiacity, including cutting stuff together. It’s also free.