MA state last minute question!!!!!


Does music have to be trimmed to exactly one minute because mine starts in the middle of the song


you should be fine. i am in no way the authority on this but that’s my gut instinct. they’ll hook u up. just make sure to tell them.


I’m not running sound at this contest, but I’m gonna bug the organizers to handle sound production for next year, even doing it super cheap(or free, or work for yoyos, just cover airfare, food and a crappy hotel room and ground transport), but this is how we do it at CalStates and BAC:

If your music is too long, we cut it at the required time spot. It’s not a big deal.

I’m working off largely computer automated systems these days, so it’s a bit easier to do things on the fly and keep stuff under control except when people bring in MP3 players ad stuff like that, but I still have a stopwatch and control over the mute button.

(DOGS) #4

I always trim my music to 1:01-2:01 with a second-long fade out so I can use it when I practice, yet doesn’t fade when I use it on stage. Most of the time they’ll actually just play it the whole duration anyways.