Contest Music

Do any of u guys know how to edit music for a contest (edit the length if the song? Also, is it okay to use Religious music ( I’m thinking of using Christian Rap)? Thanks!

I think as long as your music is family friendly you should be fine.

Any music is fine as long as it has no profanity or other inappropriate language.

Okay, Thank You Sanchez and FluteNinja! Any idea how to edit the length of a song?

Audacity is a good free program that will let you edit music files. It is pretty easy to cut a song down to whatever length you need if all you want to do is cut off the beginning and/or end. It is also possible to cut parts out of the middle and stick the remaining parts together, as long as you don’t mind putting some effort into finding cuts that flow together well.

If you are just worried about having a song that won’t run long, most contests will cut off the music for you when the time is up. You can check with the organizers to make sure, but unless they specifically say to edit it down, you probably won’t have to. Unless of course you want to edit it so that your performance ends on the actual end of the song.

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To echo what Yossarian said…

Audacity is pretty good open source (free) music editing program. It only took me a few hours to figure the program out enough to cut up and edit songs.

Cutting down your songs is nice, but it’s not required. It allows you to practice to your contest music more easily before the contest. But, if you really can’t cut it down, every contest that I am aware of will stop the music between 2:00 and 2:01, or 3:00 and 3:01. That’s the standard rule.

If you’re unsure about your song choice, send the contest organizers an email a couple of weeks before the contest and ask them to listen to your music edit. They’ll let you know if it’s acceptable.

Alright, Thank You Jake and Yossarin!

U guys know of any other apps to edit music? I can’t seem to find Audacity.

Oh Thx!


What i do when i edit music is remove the first chorus and second verse, that way it shortens the song without making a break in the song.

typically, I’ll go through much more than that lol. But, of course, everyone’s different

depends on what it is but i wouldn’t do religious music you can get in a lot of trouble for that.

It’s fine

And why is that?

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I agree

Not everyone is Christian but no one should be offended by it and he should not get in trouble…

I think the other people with different religions should be fine with it. If the person was to use a Jewish rap song or other major religion (I don’t know if there is one but just theorizing here) I would think the Yoyo community would be mature enough to not to blow up in the other persons face or to have a cow over a song. If a person finds that type of music offensive to their religion they don’t have to watch that video if they do not have. Or simply turn down the volume of the video. Plus it sound like there treating it like the song has profanity in it but it probably won’t.