contest questions

so before I register for MA states I had a few questions. I emailed them but havent got a reply yet, so I thought I could post it here in case someone here knows. 1) how long do you have on stage to perform? 2) how do you get the music you’re gonna use to them? do you bring a hard copy or something?

thanks in advance!

Don’t know how long you get, but they cut you off right at the time. It’s probably 1 or 2 minutes.

You usually have to bring the music on a CD.

The routine is 2:00 Minutes Long and you have to put it on a CD. The song itself doesn’t have to be 2 minutes exactly because they have a timer at the Sound system and he would stop it at the indicated time.

Good luck!

thank you for the replies! now I have to think of what track to use haha