Contest help

Hey guys. I’m entering a yoyo contest in a week. This is my first contest. I just need to know how many minutes do you have to yoyo.

Usually its 1-2 but it really depends at any contest

good luck and have fun remember to bring spare yoyos with you on stage

Does the contest have a web site? I’ve noticed most do have a web site and they specify things like that. Such as prelims and if you make it to the finals, the trick ladder list and other stuff.

See if they have a web site and scour it.

And some advise once you’re there:
Breathe, relax. Slow yourself down. Shut out the audience as much as possible and focus on your performance, not the audience.

On a side note, performing for judges is a pain. Performing for an audience, not so much so. Performing for JUST judges is major pressure. The audience will distract you from focusing on the judges, and you don’t want to focus on either. Just focus on that perfect performance that you’ve been working on.

Also, pick out your music and burn it to 2 CD’s, one for prelim, one for finals if you get that far. Prelims seems to be a minute while finals seems to be 3 minutes. Also, if you can, burn it as AUDIO CD’s and carry a USB stick with your stuff on it as preferably CD-quality .WAV files(trust me, the sound improvement can play a factor in your score at a subconscious level as well as your performance) or at least as high quality MP3 files.

(Note: I DETEST with a flaming passion MP3’s)

no, there is not a website, I’m entering the Tallahassee yoyo contest in a week. One thing, do you have to burn a disc and play it at the contest, or just yoyo without the music.

They’ll often either rip it to a drive to play, or cue it up from your disc. Or you might get the DJ from Hell and they’ll chose something for you. Best for you to choose your own music as you’ll be throwing to it.

How they run things is how they run things. If it was ME, I’d prefer clearly labelled CD’s. Performer, purpose(prelim, finals) and if possible, total running time even though I’d have to cut off after a certain time limit.

In my case, I work an anime convention, and they delivery crappy MP3’s and then complain about how horrific it sounds. At 2 minutes, their audio is cut. There’s a hard 2-minute rule.