Minor Talent Show Help

Hi guys,

Alright, I this has been asked before. I studied the advice of past people and those have helped lots. I’ve studied AP division freestyles and those have helped to.

Now, I need to know the proper song length that I should run my yo-yo routine. I’m practicing 4A and 5A now, with little skill but working on both of them majorly but I’m afraid that I won’t have enough material for a 4A or 5A portion and that will waste the whole minute and it’ll hurt me more. Advice please?

PS: I’m better at 4A than 5A and my main is 1A.

Talent Contest is in 4 weeks!

I joned my School talent Show 2 days before it went on ;D I did a 5 min routine, 2 min for Offstring, 1min for 5A, and the Rest for 1A

till i colapse by eminem


If you’re doing 1A, 4A, 5A, a 6 minute or less song would be great.

But actually, before everything else…

Practice your Choreography first!

Make the sure that the music, will fit your style.

Oh wait! When you’re doing 5A, do that thing that Augie Fash does! That fast thingie where the yoyo goes everywhere and stuff… :slight_smile:

Also… make it look easy… You know, like Andre?

To me, Andre makes it look harder than it needs to be. Like the Triangle Laceration video. But that just my opinion.

Say Whaa?


I have one coming up too! but it wont be for about 2 months.

I’ve done one before, all i can say is get a good crowd pleasing song, and move around. They like that.

oh and if you utilize the changeups in the music, thats good too

You should defenatly want to consider the TYPE of music that you want your audience to hear and try as best you can to “synch.” it with the trick you are doing. If possible, try to keep up with the beat of the song and pay attention to the lyrics :P. Try not to cram too much into your routine and practice before hand (I’m sure that goes without saying). Stay calm, smile, and have a good time. Good Luck!

OK, I already some song choices but is it safer to just go with 1A and 5A or completely 1A for a 3 minute ish routine or a 4 minute ish with both?

5a is a crowd pleaser

but, If you doubt in your 5a powahs, don’t risk hitting the crowd with your yoyo/CW

List of 5A tricks I know:


Trapeze and 1.5 Rolly

Windmill two handed (I need to look at a 1 hand windmill tutorial again)



Lindy Loop

Maple Syrup

Working on Hyper pendulum


Broken heart

bee sting


and Bee sting hand transfers.

The best 4A I know is just a whip.

just dont drop the yoyo :wink:

Try to be like this guy:

I did a talent show a few months ago. It’s good to use an intense song that builds up in intenseness ( I used Pinball Wizard, by the who, but that might not fit your style). Save the good stuff for the end (5a and 4a are the most crow pleasing, so do them last). Do tricks that every one can see (eli hops 4 example) and avoid the tricks that the people in the back row might have a hard time seeing whats going on (like suicides :frowning: , and gyroscopic flops). Hope this helps!