Talent show routine

Hey guys, I just got back into yoyoing after a 2ish year break (you pick it back up just like riding a bike). Anyway my small college is having a talent show in about a month and a half, and I would like to do a yoyo routine, but I am swamped with class work and extra curricular activities and therefore don’t have time to put together a good show. I was hoping some of you would have a “fallback routine” on hand that I could practice. I would prefer it to be synced to a 3 or so min long song, since I don’t want dead air while I’m going. I can handle expert level tricks, but considering nobody in my audience will know whats going on I was thinking big simple flashy tricks would be the best. Just a list of tricks that flow well together and a clean song that works well with them would be more than enough.

Thanks in Advance!


Eli hops of course.

You can do a matrix for 3 minutes!!

Non-yoyoers are different to do a routine in front of than judges. If you put Jensen Kimmitt and some guy that just learned how to do Ladder Escape up on stage, it would pretty much be just as impressive. So, practice doing flashy tricks. Boing-e-boing, eli hops, maybe some suicides, body tricks, stuff like that.

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Alright, I know this doesn’t matter, but I know exactly who drew that picture. In fact, I own a copy of it.

Just do impressive looking tricks lots of slack stuff and pops and hops in it along with some gyro flops and you should be fine.