Ohio Contest Music


When I go out to Ohio states, for my songs, do I burn a CD?

And to whom would I give the CD’s to?

Someone help :’(

(Waylon) #2



It does not say which format on the website, but can contact the people in charge through the site and they can give you a final answer.

Ohio State YoYo Contest Official Site


I searched all over the website already and there was no info answering my question’

trust me I emailed them and searched the websitre like 10 times.


Bring a CD and an SD card, cover all bases?


And your Ipod just in case :P…


Ehhh… Personally, I wouldn’t trust anyone’s device going through my rig, but, that’s 'cause audio quality control (320/v0 or flac, baby!). Since they’re not making it obvious what kind they want, might as well. The question then is if they have the cables or not.


Can I inform you that a :stuck_out_tongue: usually means just kidding, or I’m not serious?

Don’t take everything so serious! Not a big deal, but it’s getting to me slowly…



CARL! Long time no see round these parts… :smiley: