Just watching threads crash and burn...

Lately there have been many arguments in our friendly forums. Many innocent threads turn into heated arguments. In fact, I can almost smell one starting when I post this thread, but I just need to get this out.

Do you guys not realize that you are feeding the fire? I watch people post things complaining about the fight, and then arguing and taking sides in the same post. If you keep giving people things to fight about, fights will happen. Hatred will grow. Next time you see an argument getting really heated, don’t post in it, please.

What I’m trying to say here is that while we say we don’t like people fighting, we continue to fight instead of stopping it. Being a hypocrite is no help. Let’s try to stop these fight by not letting them start, because it is seriously getting out of hand.


Don’t worry about it. A little friction can be good from time to time. Plus, the hard working moderators do spend time poking around and when things get too “hot”, they pull out the industrial grade fire extinguishers to cool things off, and call in the proverbal “riot squad” and lock things down.

We can’t all be “BFF’s” here all the time. I do agree there’s been a bit more heat than usual the past week. Rest assured, those who need to know are aware of it and problems are being fixed as need be when needed. The mods have it handled. Sometimes they can handle it gently, sometimes they gotta do it medium style, and sometimes they gotta lay it down hard and heavy.


Posting threads like these is like asking for arguments. Pretty much the only threads that have negativity in them are THESE type of threads. You’re begging for something bad to happen.

In b4 the lock.

I can see where your going. I guess it may seem that way, but I can promise I am trying to do some good. I just feel like these fights are happening too easily and I am trying to draw attention to the matter, thus making people notice and hopefully agree. Maybe this thread was a mistake, and if it is, and Studio42 is right, the mods will take care of it I guess. I finally am realizing how important these guys are :slight_smile:

And I’m not trying to be negative as much as I am trying to be helpful. Sorry for any trouble.

Stress man, a lot of us are high schoolers and finals are around this time.

To disagree respectfully is the key.


THIS IS WHY YOU HATE ME??? This, really!!!

Well, I just finished most my school today so I’m cool 8).

yoyospirit, pretend that wasn’t posted. Dont start an argument in a thread about all the arguments.

Nah, don’t really hate you, just need a break from looking at your posts all the damn time…

I’ve noticed this too. Another thing I’ve noticed is people using inappropriate language and swearing a lot more than before, even though it is clearly against forum rules.

I think people just need to stop taking things so seriously. Just because someone says something, it definitely doesn’t mean that they’re trying to be insulting.

Good points YoNinja bit I think it’s more than just people taking things to seriously. This forum is what it is because many members having made quality posts over many years, helping new players and one another. Sometimes there are bumps such as people posting misinformation, trolling, someone making numerous posts of little value, talking down to others, amongst other things.

When people do these things it causes frustration within the group. I feel, they see it as threatening what they have all had a hand it creating, subconciously most likely. They go into protection mode. They feel the change more than the people causing their frustration.

The solution is to make meaningful, focused posts, honest posts, phrased respectfully, noting sarcasm and humor with smilies and subtext. We also have a few that are very good at throwing a bit of gas on the fire and watching the reactions. Sometimes you just need to know when to ignore posts.

This is how it feels to me. I doubt it’s a 100% accurate but I think the thought does has merit.

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People need more love in their life. The heart has no space for fear or hatred.

Difference in opinion = yes

arguing like a stubborn 2 yr. old= http://i1325.photobucket.com/albums/u638/Leinadyoyoer/no_zps9cecbfe3.png