Contention and Acrimony on the Forum - A Word to the Wise


It seems there are some festering problems between a number of members here. A number of you have been contacted about this. Let’s leave it at that.

It needs to stop.

Take it off line, away from the boards. That includes PM messages. Or let it go.

If it happens on Facebook, it stays on Facebook. We have no control over that. Don’t bring it here. If you do, we will deal with it appropriately. One member has already been banned for sending unacceptable, obscene and threatening messages to another.

If you have a problem with a post or a PM, report it to a moderator, don’t try to retaliate on the forum, you will only escalate the situation, as we have recently seen.

This does not warrant further discussion, as that will only deteriorate into a “He said, She said” situation. If you feel a discussion is needed, contact a moderator or admin.



Just a gentle reminder…

Don’t make me come in there, kids. >:(