What do you do when someone writes a bad review on you after he threatens you makes fun of you, because that just happened to me and I am new to the forum stuff and don’t know what to do.

First step would be to make sure you save a copy of all the messages as evidence (a screen shot will suffice). Then get in touch with one of the moderators or admins and go from there. The worst thing you could possibly do at this point is escalate things by retaliating.


Can you re-read your post? And actually break it up into a few sentences. Word the sentences so they fit together and make some kinda sense?

…you are new to the forum. ‘Someone’(assuming you don’t this person well?) 1 threatens you…2 Makes fun of you… 3 and writes a bad review on you. <> How did you even get into a ‘situation’ with this person?

Don’t be shy, spell it out. If somebody is ‘jamming you’ for no good reason, post up the details.

There is no ‘Secret Bully Rule’ in effect on this Forum. For the most useful answer, you must provide useful information.

…And since you have no trade count, what kind of ‘review’ could be written about you. And where would this review be posted? And what advantage is there to some punk writing up a bad review of somebody he doesn’t even know?

If you have some groundless fear of this dummy, just go click on the General tab. Then scroll down a few lines to the ‘Meet the Moderator’ option. Click on that and click on Jrod, or Vegabomb or jhb8426, etc. Fill them in with some actual tangible details and they can pursue a proper solution to your dilemma.

Do not be afraid to mention names. If you say anything that ‘this person’ doesn’t like, he can always step up and validate his position in this problem.

If for some strange reason, you don’t want to contact the Mods., then simply gather your actual information about getting Punked by this fool and send it directly to <> since Andre likes to keep his Board, in good order, I have no doubt he will give your information careful scrutiny.

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Ummm, so where’s this bad review? You have no trade feedback and there’s nothing in the feedback forum.

Well I was working out a trade with burgher dude and he called me a flake and and then he said that I was be lazy because I did not respond until after school to his messages and said if you don’t send it in a day he would write a bad review on me and at the end he said that i was the most difficult person he worked with in 10 years and I am going to get a review anyways and idk if he wrote one

And I was giving him a good deal a shutter and a bomb squad supernova for a yeti

You talking about Burdger? I’ve exchanged a few messages with him and he seems like a pretty chill guy. Unless you’re able to provide some screenshots for proof I’m a bit skeptical of your claims.

It would be much easier to help you out if you provided us with:

A) Proof
B) Proper grammar
C) Slightly better explanations

When a new person shows up on these forums, we other forum members gladly welcome them with open arms. But when a person doesn’t use proper English or accuses a fairly well known member it kind of makes us doubt you as a future forum member… :-\

I am just going to talk with an admin thanks guys.


Unfortunately, I can’t help you. But I just got a PM from INGILA saying that I was being a jerk. I have no idea what I did or anything. So, it’s kind of funny that you brought that up.

EDIT: Actually, you should try asking what you did. Then, after you know what was wrong, try to refrain from doing so or try to make it up to that person.

Then in that case the best thing is to walk away from the deal before anything is exchanged. If nothing is exchanged and there is no deal, no feedback is warranted or deserved.