Just thought i'd share my Cal-states experience

So I go to the contest with 60 dollars and look around. After competing in the 1a prelims for the first (O my god I was in line for 1:30! but I got 50th out of 83 so for my first contest that I competed in I was pretty happy) time I see that at the CLYW table they are selling fools gold avalanches for only $60 bucks! I go there and start taking out my money to buy it only to realize I lost 20 bucks! so I didn’t have enough to buy one. I’m totally bummed and don’t see anything else I want so i’m like to the heck with it and I just buy the yomega crossfire (I saw c bearing and silicone response and thought why not, on the + note it’s not that bad once I replaced the bearing and tuned the heck out of it.) Now I only have 25 dollars and I see the General Yo “Lost Essences” being sold for $30 bucks for the first time. At this point in time I just want to die…Anyways that was my bittersweet Cal-State experience just wanted to share.

The line for 1a prelims was ridiculous!! It was a bummer missing so many performances standing in line. Almost missed the summit release standing in line.

I had no idea the essences were selling for so little!! Kinda bummed I didn’t pick one up.

Besides the long wait to do 1A prelims, I thought it went pretty well.

What did you look like? I may have seen you there. I was the Mexican guy and the only one, I think, rockin’ a black SPYY t shirt.

I bet that ernie would have let a Lost Essence go for $25 if you talked to him a bit ::slight_smile:
and p.s., i was able to score a fools gold avalanche for $30. I asked for a purple one and chris was out and said he had one stashed in the back that had a lot of vibe, and boom! best deal I have ever gotten! Never hurts to ask ya know, and honestly, it only vibes on grinds, ILL vibes all the way ;D