anyone wana meet at nationals? LF: chik,summit,super g, code 1 and more!


Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody wanted to meet up at the national yoyo contest (Chico California) and ill give you money, and you give me the yoyo! Want list (you can offer anything, cheap plz!)
= it would be cool to have
= want
*** = really want!
Super g
(ill pay, around $60, depends on condition)
G funk*
Summit*** (but looking for really cheap ones)
ANY cheap clyw’s(chief,arctic circle, bvm(2) no Ava)***
C3 di base 2**
Code 1***
OD code 2***
YYF H.O.T****
Spike side effects (only if I get a yo that can take SE’s) idk a price for se, so offer
Umm, offer!******
Seriously offer on anything. Except plastics!
Im not saying cheap like “$35 for summit?” im just saying, I dont have a lot of money to spend on yoyos, especially for the clyws and Summit (ik its a clyw…).
Edit: if it’s in good condition, ill pay
super g: $65
czm84vk $50
G funk: $30 (I might not want this one)
Summit: $85
Clyws: really depends, $85
Burnside: $50
chik: $60
code1: $65
di base 2: umm, this is $50 already, so $40
code 2: $65
H.O.T $65-70
I do have a lot of wants, but im not buying all of em. Not even close to all of em.
I know, you probably dont want to save your yoyo till nats, but if you get an offer, its okay. :slight_smile:

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