Just Surprised Me


At the Ohio State Yoyo Contest, it really surprised me how many kids had super long strings and had zero concept of string tension. I’d go to try somebody’s yoyo, and it would have a stock string length (not most of these people were shorter than me) and about 10 twists (from tension) in the string.

Also, there was a box of Proyos (?) that someone brought to teach passerby (pretty much small children) the basics of yoyoing. He also gave a couple away to people at the contest. Then, people at the contest began to go up and just take the Proyos, some taking up to 3 with them. They didn’t have permission or anything.

On a side note, I tried a Mr. Butcher and now I pretty much NEED a YYR. That was basically the best yoyo I’ve ever played.


Yeah I got one of the yoyos he was handing out and got people to sign it


People are greedy and don’t care.