just starteddd.

hey all, spent some birthday money Saturday on a yomega. its okay. spiking came to me fast. around the world and a few other basics. light houses aren’t to easy due to the slick paint. gunna get a sweets this weekend and really get down. this thing is funnn.

any suggestins on what sweets are nice? been looking at the focus. how are the biggies? the stains? I like those. whats a good wood? I had a cherry bow drilling set and I loved it so idk cherry looks nice. but so do tose two toned wood ones, brown and tan or whatever.
thanks, Sammy.

I recently got a Sweets stained for the same reason you mentioned here (lighthouses are incredibly hard to learn on slick paint), and it definitely is easier. It’s still hard and I can barely do them but I can usually keep it balanced for much longer than I can with the Tribute. My friend got a painted Focus and it’s still pretty slick. Definitely has better contrast from the hole bevel to the white paint that he got though. Little better for quick spotting than the stained wood.

You really need to get a kendama broken in before you can start easily hitting lighthouses. But from what yye has, i would recommend a painted focus, or if you’re really wanting easy balance tricks pick up an atack.

thanks! I can actually it lighthouses pretty often now. kendama flips are down pat, putting combos together dis ding ees funnn.